Utah 2009-08






 Ryder Lake Backpack

(and other assorted Utah Images)


August 2009

High Uintas Wilderness Area

and the Wasatch Mountains



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Sunrise on the Northwest Ridge of Mt

Agassiz, High Uintas Wilderness Area



The 8.5 mile backpack up the Stillwater Fork was tough... as 8.5 mile backpacks that rise 2,000 feet usually are... but the prize was waiting at Ryder Lake in Middle Basin.  Unfortunately for me, the "prize" was not to be actually achieved until the next morning when the rain and clouds finally cleared.  But, at 6:30am, I was out of my tent and with fleece, shell, ski hat and gloves on (and pants too but I hope that goes without saying), ventured down to the lake to brave the intense winds that still had not abated from the previous day.









Mt Agassiz from Stillwater Fork



As maybe you have guessed by now, I recently traveled to Utah for a quick four-day excursion into both the Uinta and Wasatch mountains.  The plan was to spend three days in the Uintas but a sickness forced me out early.  I believe this sickness was caused by "that guy*" on the plane out to Utah.  C'mon, you know that guy, the one who is coughing and sniffling and unwittingly setting out to sabotage your vacation, right?  Of course, I was "that guy" on the plane back to Minnesota...


*this is gender non-specific... women can easily be that guy









Mountain Goats on Bald Mountain,

Uinta Mountains



Just before summiting Bald Mountain I was startled by a herd of about ten mountain goats.  A couple of them literally stared me down the entire time, perfectly motionless.  Perhaps they were offended by the Goat Burger Stand I had brought with me.  Because I never travel anywhere without a 500 pound portable lunch service on wheels... with goat meat no less.  This was at just below 12,000 feet in elevation.  I have never seen mountain goats this high up, but to be fair, I do think I was being stalked on account of my awning that proclaimed I had "the best goat burgers in town".









Provo and Cascade Peaks from

Wasatch Mountain State Park



Speaking of food, but not necessarily goat-related food products, I got the chance to spend a few extra days with my parents at their new home in Midway, a small but growing town at about a mile high in elevation more or less outside of Provo.  I had planned to lose weight on this trip, and I did, but not as much as I would have liked due to the mysterious and often misunderstood "Mom Factor".  No one cooks like mom (mine or yours) and as such, I felt compelled to down the caramel brownies, coffee cake and other assorted delectables.  Oh, and the other good thing about their location was that the spot from where I am shooting above is about a 35 minute drive mostly on dirt roads from their driveway.









A Stormy Afternoon, Wasatch

Mountain State Park



I'd like to say I hiked all the way from Midway (the town at the bottom of the canyon) to get to this vantage point.  But someone out there would question why I'd hike all this way when I could have just driven up the Forest Road on which I was standing at the moment to take this picture.  So I don't lie.  Not because I am morally against lying, heck, I do it all the time (there are 53 other lies on this very web page in fact), but because I do not lie particularly well.  By the way, I really like what you have done with your hair...  very nice.









One Helluva Location for a Home!

Snake Creek Canyon, Wasatch Mountain State Park



Yep, there's a house up there in the upper right just below the rocky peak.  What an absolutely beautiful location for a home.  Wish I had one.









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