Utah 2008-01






 Utah Jan 2008

Locations: Park City,

Deer Valley, Heber City









My daughter Brooke and I woke up at 6am on Saturday morning to drive to Deer Creek Reservoir to experience the sunrise on Mt Timpanogos.  Because this was supposed to be the only sunny morning for the entire trip (it was) I was telling myself getting up that early on a vacation was going to be worth it (it was).









The Swaner Nature Preserve, an area in Snyderville Basin where 1,200 acres have been set aside from development, permits an unobstructed view of both Peak 9990 (left of center) and Squaretop (right of center).  As part of the Park City Ridgeline, they each rise almost 4,000 feet to form the backdrop to The Canyons Ski Area.









At the southern end of Wasatch Mountain State Park in the Heber Valley lies the Tate Barn - an historic landmark that was rebuilt for the 2002 Olympic Games.  Originally constructed in the late 1890's by, who else, the Tate family, it is now one of a handful of the few remaining examples of classic barn architecture in the northern part of the state.  Which really is too bad because from the summit of Mt Timpanogos (6,200 feet higher and 10 miles away), it is very, very hard to pick out.









10,000 foot Jupiter Peak, as seen from the new Lady Morgan area at Deer Valley, offers classic Wasatch ski lines down its east face with just a short 20 minute hike from the top of the lifts.  A few years ago I skied the rightmost coulier in "less than optimal ski conditions".  In this case that meant  a half inch of snow on top of hardpack... otherwise known as dust on crust.  What I should have done was to wait to ski it until this trip, where it snowed almost six feet in six days.  Okay, for those who do not know what a coulier is, do not worry as it really was not an integral part of the story anyway.










What's nice about having parents who live in Park City is that, well, they live in Park City.  This view is from their front deck which in part overlooks Kimball Junction - a busy town on I-80 apparently responsible for its fair share of light pollution.


Speaking of I-80, there are two things one should know about driving it between here and Laramie, WY ---> a) it can close down for five straight days, allowing no other viable alternative for traveling east out of Utah and b) cows seem to laugh at the very notion of a highway fence and will meander wherever they darn well please thus prompting one to call 911 while doing 80 mph to inform the authorities of said cow and ultimately causing embarrassment when the 911-caller replied "ummmm, brown and white?" when asked by the highway patrol "What kind of cow is it?"  I swear the dispatcher chuckled.  C'mon, like I am supposed to know my breeds of cow???  What would the police do if my flawed (non-existent) cow breed knowledge, coupled with my poor (non-existent) decision making skills, were really put to the test?  "Awww Bob, while that cow standing in the middle of the fast lane sure looks like a Hereford, that caller was fairly certain it was a Holstein so that must not be the one we're looking for.  Let's go home."


I have since learned there are hundreds of breeds of cows.










Cascade Cirque on Mt Timpanogos.  That's it.  I figured I'd keep this caption light after my just-a-little-too-long-and-not-really-that-amusing cow tale above...







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