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Image Info

The majority of my images earlier in my career were taken with 35mm slide film, namely Fuji Velvi and Provia.  A few, like the black and white ones, were taken with print film.  In 2007 though I switched fully to digital.


No matter how the images were captured, their digital form (as presented on this website) is presented very closely to the originally-captured "shutter snap".  Slides and prints were adjusted to match their physical hard-copy counterparts while digitally-captured images were post-processed for tone, sharpness and contrast.



Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper (or equivalent) is used for all prints.  This paper  has a color-fastness of at least 100 years (if kept out of direct sunlight!).


Ordering is easy - click on this order form, copy and paste the contents of the form into an email to brad@bwmimages.com and then fill it in with your selection(s).


Printed Image Prices - (all sizes based on inches and prices are in USD):


24 x 36


12 x 18


10 x 15


8 x 12


4 x 6


Panoramas (based on 36 inch length)



Print Finsh - a choice of glossy or matte (not glossy) finish is provided.  I recommend selecting a matte finish.


Frames & Mats - prints are sold without mat(s) or frames.  Your local Arts & Crafts store can help you out.  I do recommend a simple thin black metal fame, double-matted to a width of around two inches and museum-quality glazing.  This glazing is significantly more expensive than traditional glass glazing but your investment will benefit from its true non-glare and UV protection qualities.


Packaging/Shipping - add $10 to each order (an almost unlimited quantity of prints can be shipped in the same package.


Images for Websites

If you'd like an image to be displayed on your website, in most instances I can provide you with one at no cost.  This image will be appropriately-sized for your website needs and have a small "bwmimages.com" watermark in the lower right corner (smaller than the watermarks on this website).  All that I ask is that proper credit be given that the photograph had been captured by me, Brad Mischler.



Any image can be downloaded for free and used as wallpaper for your personal desktop - they are sized nicely to fit a monitor screen with a standard resolution of 1280x1024.  If using a PC, just right-click on the image of your choice and select "Set as Background".



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